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The Family Story

The LaBlanc Family has enjoyed the Traverse City area for over 30 years.  Having family living here, we were blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding area and all it has to offer.  Being outdoor enthusiasts and enjoying all 4 seasons, we feel there is no better place to be. 

We were delighted to have the opportunity to purchase Breeze Hill when the previous owners were ready to retire.  We absolutely love the relationships we have set up with our returning customers as well as seeing new faces come through our doors.  We are excited to share our plants and love for the outdoors with all who visit our greenhouse.



Our mission is to deliver top-quality plants and exceptional service at local friendly prices. We aim to foster the love you feel for your garden.

What Makes Breeze Hill

At Breeze Hill, we don't just grow plants; we cultivate experiences and memories. Rooted in second-generation passion, each seed we plant grows into more than just a product; it becomes part of your family. Most of the plants in our selection begins in our greenhouse, allowing us to offer you authentic, homegrown quality at local friendly prices. We view each garden as an extension of our family, a space that fosters growth, togetherness, and love. Whether your goal is a vibrant flower bed or a bounty of fresh vegetables, we are here to support your gardening needs with every scoop of soil.

Our expertise extends beyond our greenhouse; we also offer on-site garden transformation services including lawn and garden care to help you weave beauty into every corner of your yard.
At Breeze Hill, we strive to make gardening not just a task, but a rewarding experience. Your garden is our pride. So, come, explore our greenhouse selection, and become a part of the Breeze Hill family. Beautiful gardens begin here!

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